The Nano Reef Aquarium

The Nano Reef Aquarium - eBook Edition

The single most complete book on the subject of nano-reefs covering current topics such as carbon dosing, LED lights, ULNS and other trends. Written by Albert J Thiel.

Much of the information presented reflects the cutting edge and best practice methods of reef keeping based on the collective experiences of hobbyist. Normally this style of information requires reading hundreds of hours on reef forums to collect and digest. If you dedicate a weekend to reading and understanding this book you will gain a very current and complete education on nano reef keeping.


    • Filtration methods 
    • Filtration Compounds 
    • Equipment 
    • Refugiums
    • Fishes for the Nano-Reef
    • Corals for the Nano-Reef
    • Diseases of Fish and Corals,
    • Pest algae 
    • Invertebrates

448 pages and includes an extensive 11-page index Review



    About the author 
    Albert J. Thiel is the founder of legendary Thiel AquaTech (Active during the 90's) and a pioneer of many of the current reef keeping methods widely used today. Albert has been invited as a guest speaker to may international aquarium conferences and In 1989 he published possibly the first book on what we now call ‘nano reefing’ entitled, Small Reef Aquarium Basics – for smaller tanks and for beginner hobbyists. Other notable works include  The Marine Fish and Invert Reef AquariumAdvanced Reefkeeping IAdvanced Reefkeeping IIThe New Marine Fish and Invert Reef Aquarium.


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