Söchting Oxydators are designed by Dr. K. Söchting in Germany and widely used in reef and freshwater tanks throughout Europe. The device is placed inside the tank or sump and releases a constant steady stream of hydrogen peroxide in the aquarium. The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes waste and toxicants improving water quality and the well-being of fish and and corals. It works in a very similar fashion to ozone be increasing the redox potential of the water but does not carry with it the same risks. The hydrogen peroxide supply is noiseless and the small device is easily hidden behind live rock or in a sump. 


The Söchting oxydator works in much the same way as an ozone generator without the danger. Hydrogen peroxide is released into the water oxydising hydrocarbons, organics and nitrites greatly increasing overall water clarity. 


Redox potential describes the oxidation power of your water, the oxidation power of your water increases greatly when the oxydator is used. Hydrogen peroxide improves redox-potential in your reef or planted aquarium, helping to reduce unwanted algae which cloud water and grow on surfaces. 




A seahorse's primitive gills often have a hard time getting enough oxygen from their environment when kept in a tank; in fact, seahorses will die from hypoxia in tanks with inadequate oxygen levels. The oxydator is used widely by people keeping and breeding seahorse as it helps these sensitive creatures thrive in captivity as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen in the tank. In planted shrimp tanks where Co2 is being used to increase plant growth shrimp often fall victim to low oxygen levels and die. The Oxydator provides a continuous source of dissolved oxygen to keep these sensitive creatures alive without effecting your Co2 levels 


A massive group of people are discussing their experiences with these devices at nano-reef.com The majority of the results are positive. Some report increased algae growth.

Please be aware before purchasing: As peroxide dosing is a highly technical subject unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide one on one support for water chemistry related questions. Users of this product should be well experienced hobbyists and rely on their own research prior to purchase. 

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Peroxide is included with the small model but not the large model due to restrictions in our warehouse. 

Peroxide for the large model can be purchased from a chemist or online auction site.