Nano Doser 1

The Nano Doser 1 takes ultra precision medical dosing technology and makes it available to aquarium hobbyist for the first time. The clever design is capable of precisely administering tiny doses as small as 0.07ml per day for periods up to two months at a time. This makes it ideal for substances that have typically been administered by hand because of the precise dosing requirements like vodka and ZEOvit® products. It also opens the way for dosing substances like vodka in smaller tanks where precision is a must. 
The Nano Doser 1 is a re-purposed precision medical dosing pump originally costing many thousands of dollars. The hardware uses the highest quality European and American made parts and a precision machined mechanism and drive motor. The Nano Doser 1 is built to strict medical safety standards. By combining multiple alarms and fail safe measures continuous safe operation is assured making it ideal for dosing powerful aquarium supplements. Each unit has been thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, calibrated and serviced and is ready for many years of continues operation. Each unit comes with a 2 year warranty. 
Nano Doser 1 is refurbished medical hardware the pumps will have small signs of wear and may have small marks and blemishes. 
Vodka dosing is a popular technique used to reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in reef aquariums. It also has remarkable effects on coral colouration and water clarity by stopping the growth of nuisance algae.
While this technique works well on larger tanks it requires small precise doses that current peristaltic pumps are unable to provide for nano tanks.
For example the recommended starting dose of vodka for a 25g aquarium is 0.1ml per day. Vodka dosing allows the possibility of ULNS style reefing in the nano tank environment without the use of bio pellet reactors. Before and after photos 
Unlike most dosing pumps the Nano Doser 1 will deliver its intended dose in minute intervals over a 24h period. This will give you unparralleled stability in your tanks parameters and less fluctuations. The syringe used can be swapped to any number of sizes to achieve larger or smaller dosing volumes. Doses as small as 0.07ml per 24h are achievable when used with a 3ml syringe). For comparison peristaltic pumps will be able to achieve a minimum dose between 0.9ml - 0.5ml.
The simple online calculator tool makes it a breeze to set the pump up for aquarium applications without all the maths. Just put in the required dose and dial in the number output by the calculator utility on the Nano Doser 1. It couldn't be easier!

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