Marine-Pac 2

The Marine-Pac 2 is no longer sold.

Marine-Pac 3 now available!


Designed from the ground up specifically for the Fluval Edge™ II, the Marine-Pac 2 allows you to upgrade your Fluval Edge™ II to a state-of-the-art marine tank while maintaining the tanks amazing look.








Key features


Protein skimmer –Reduces the need for water changes

The protein skimmer removes waste from the water, and keeps it cleaner for longer. 

Use your choice of a powerful Tunize 9002 protein skimmer or a cheaper air-powered skimmer.


Massive water flow – Keeps your tank healthy 

Abundant water flow eliminates waste and allows for optimum gas exchange.

The new design allows for a massive 600 litre per hour pump – eliminating the need for a separate water circulation pump in the tank.

The outlet nozzle creates a turbulent high pressure stream while the inlet directly behind the stream creates low pressure which creates big lift up the walls of the tank.  The flow pattern has been designed especially for the Fluval Edge’s™ unique cube design.  The inlet siphon will resume automatically after a power outage preventing flooding. 


Increased water volume – Increases tank stability

More water means a more stable tank environment and fewer water changes.  The all-new design uses space more efficiently to increase the overall water volume of the tank to just over 50litres (13.2gallons).


Hides equipment – Makes your tank look amazing

The design ensures that all equipment is completely hidden, creating a simple minimalist look.  It houses your choice of standard 50 Watt heaters, and the large pump eliminates the need for a water flow pump… meaning you see no equipment in the tank at all. 


Even the inlet/outlet are discretely mounted in the tank’s neck for a super clean look.


Lighting arm Adds marine lighting simply

The hinged lighting arm allows for easy installation of marine lighting.

The arm comes pre-drilled for the Aqua Illumination nano LED light fixture.  Simply screw this to the pre-cut arm, or fix your choice of after-market light to the arm.


Set it up your way – designed with flexibility in mind 

 Choose the options that suit you best:

  • Add your own choice of light, skimmer, heater and pump.
  • Leave the skimmer out and run the sump as a silent refugium loaded up with macro-algae and live rock rubble. It’s up to you!
  • Use the lighting arm to mount a refugium light above the sump. 
  • Load up the plates with your choice of filter media.
  • Use the extra room around the pump to load up with live rock rubble. 



The Marine-Pac contains:

1x Sump and lighting arm professionally assembled from laser-cut Perspex

1x Inlet/outlet plumbing custom made for the 46L Fluval Edge™ II (with automatic siphon start/stop)

3x Grid plates

1x Biological Filter Media

1x Compact Skimmer cup to suit Tunize 9002 Protein Skimmer

1x Instructions

To make the design as flexible as possible only the sump is included.  This allows you freedom in your choice of light, skimmer, heater and pump.

A simple 600 litre per hour (l/h) pump (available from any pet good shop) will work perfectly.  The Eheim Compact 600 is a great choice and is almost silent when run in the sump.





Setup Guide:

 1 Year Warranty

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship with the product.


Note: This product only suits the 46L/ 12gall Fluval Edge™ II. 


Saltwater Conversion is in no way associated with Fluval or Hagen.  It supplies a third party product that is designed to convert the 46L Fluval Edge™ II fish tank for marine operation FLUVAL is a registered trademark by Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. in Mansfield, MA, 02048.


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