Fluval Edge II Marine-Pac 1

This V1 Design is no longer sold and is for reference only

 VERSION 3 Design now released 




Marine-Pac 1 - The Ultimate Marine Conversion Kit for the Fluval Edge II 

Precision built from clear acrylic this entire Marine-Pac module fits snugly into the back of the Fluval Edge II fish tank. The filter is completely concealed providing an elegant way to convert the tank into a full featured marine tank while maintaining the amazing appearance of the Fluval Edge II. 

The design is no compromise and offers: Protein Skimmer, Heater, Filter Box that can be loaded with Sponge, Active Carbon, and Bio-Balls in a simple compact design. The Marine-Pac allows for less frequent water changes and improves the stability and appearance of the tank. 

This is a product supplied and manufactured by saltwater-conversion and is in no way associated with Hagen or Fluval. 






  • Almost invisible, hides all equipment including the heater.
  • Uses the highly regarded Tunzie 9002 Protein Skimmer.
  • Provides option for Active Carbon Filtration.
  • Provides additional Biological Filtration.
  • Includes high quality C25 25w Marina Heater.
  • Module lifts from the back of the tank allowing for easy cleaning.
  • Increases water volume improving tank stability. 
  • Not compatible with original tank lighting (AI Nano Light Recommend available from: http://www.aquariumspecialty.com).
  • NOW INCLUDED in price 240V TUNZIE 9002 ($200)  Skinny Skimmer Cup ($30) C25 Marina Heater ($40).
  • Siphon starts automatically and recovers automatically in the event of a power outage. 
  • Uses Australian power plugs on all products.



The compact unit simply slots into the back column of the Fluval Edge II and sits on the plastic lugs on the inside of the rear column. The casing closes completely around the filter unit on all sides making it completely invisible with the exception of the discreet black inlet pipe, visible at the top of the tank. The original lighting should be upgraded to something more powerful as the original lighting is not sufficient for a marine environment.  We highly recommend the AI Nano lighting system: http://www.aquaillumination.com/nano.  The Marine-Pack will not work with the standard lighting system that comes in the tank, as its arms interfere with the inlet/outlet pipes.

Design Copyright Neill Wainwright 2012.