Marine Pac 3 Fluval Edge Reef




                          The ultimate nano reef    

The Marine-Pac 3 is an all in one module that fits into the back section of the stunning Fluval Edge™ II aquarium and converts it into a high performance nano reef tank. Unrivaled in its amazing styling and design the Fluval Edge™ is the only tank available that presents the viewer with a cube of water visible from every side. The attractive compact design fits into any contemporary home and is suitable for cultivating advanced corals, delicate reef fish, anemones and other invertebrates. It allows you to bring a micro-habitat of the Great Barrier Reef into your own home or office.  





 The Marine-Pac 3 introduces a brand new reef lighting system integrating a total of 48 leds (24 chips 10000-14000K + 24 chips 455-465nm) The all new lighting system pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved in a nano reef. It is easily the most powerful in its class weighing in at a staggering 50w and delivering up to 330par at the deepest point in the tank. This provides the light levels required to grow advanced SPS coral. The lighting is on a hinged arm that makes it easy to access the Fluval Edge™ tank.  Designed from scratch to match the Fluval Edge™ II the diffusing optics provide almost perfectly even lighting across the tank (varying by as little as 20 par across the bottom of the tank) The lighting system is made possible through use of a super efficient cooling system using a phase transition heat pipe and an exquisitely CNC machined heat sink and super quite cooling fan. 

 Purpose built for the nano aquarium the Mame Design skimmer is a beautify hand blown glass protein skimmer from Japan. The Mame Design™ skimmer effectively removes dissolved organic waste from the aquarium and expels it into an external waste collection vessel for easy removal.The skimmer reduces ammonia and nitrate levels by removing organic waste from the water before it can break down any further. This allows for less frequent water changes, the ability to keep advanced corals, and crystal clear water. The air powered skimmer also has the advantage of aiding gas exchange in the tank and gassing off excess CO2 which is very important because of the enclosed top of the Fluval Edge™ II Rated for tanks up to 28 Gal the Mame Design™ skimmer makes quick work of waste in the small 12gal Fluval Edge™ II expelling up to 150ml of brown skimate each week.




The inlet/outlet on the Marine-Pac 3 has been designed using computer simulation to create strong randomized water moment inside the fluval edge II.  Marine-Pac 3 uses the large 600L/158Gallon per hour EHEIM™ compact 600© pump and a custom made inlet/outlet to create abundant water flow required to eliminates waste, aid gas and nutrient exchange and assist in healthy coral development.  The outlet nozzle creates a turbulent high pressure stream while the inlet directly behind provides low pressure which creates randomized flow and big lift up the sides of the the  tank. A small second outlet creates flow across the surface of the water further aiding gas exchange and eliminates surface film.  The Marine-Pac 3 will resume automatically after a power outage without any assistance.  It is advisable to add a second circulation pump such at a Vortech MP-10©  for people growing advanced SPS corals which require particularly high flow rates.  




The Marine-Pac 3 installs without modification to the tank maintaining the minimal yet elegant lies of the  Fluval Edge™ II  The design ensures that everything is completely hidden from sight creating a pure cube of water uninterrupted by any equipment. The large EHEIM™ compact 600©. pump even eliminates the need for a separate circulation pump in the tank. This means you see no equipment in the tank at all, no lights, heaters, pumps, nothing. Even the inlet/outlet is discretely mounted in the tank’s neck for a super clean look.






The Marine-Pac 3 comes with two probe holders compatible with most standard 13mm/1/2" PH Salinty and ORP probes that are commonly used with aquarium controllers. The lighting system features an industry standard PWM control input, compatible with most aquarium and lighting controllers on the market today. This allows you to use advanced features like timers and sunrise sunset dimming with the optional PWM adapter adapter kit. The modular shelf system makes it simple for the DIY enthusiast to add cooling fans, float switches,refugium lights and many other devices.  The built in filter media rack is compatible with a wide range of different filter media options such as:

 Purigen™: controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste. (Available in 100mg bags) 

PhosGuard™: rapidly removes phosphate and silicate from the water. (Available in 100mg bags)

Live rock rubble: aids the natural filtration of your reef.  

And any media you can fit into 100ml media bags.



Power Cables

The Marine-Pac 3 lighting uses an international power supply compatible with most regions in the world (110v/240v)
Please select the correct power cord option for you region on checkout 
     What is included
  • 50W Reef light.

  • Universal Power supply for light

  • Media Shelves

  • Inlet/outlet pluming  

  •  Mame design protein skimmer

      What you need to supply
    • EHEIM™ compact 600©.  (Purchase with your local power plug) 

    • Small air pump to drive skimmer (Purchase with you local power plug) 












    Saltwater Conversion and the Marine-Pac 3 is in no way associated with Fluval or Hagen.  This is a third party product that is designed to convert the 46L Fluval Edge™ II fish tank for marine operation. FLUVAL is a registered trademark by Rolf C. Hagen (USA) Corp. in Mansfield, MA, 02048. Seachem and Atlas logos used with written approval from both companies.