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Q: Will the Marine-Pac set-up work with the original lighting?

A: The kit is designed to completely replace the original lighting, which is not suitable for reef use due to its low light output.




Q: What else do I need in order to setup my tank with the Marine-Pac?

A: You will also need:

  • light (AI Nano LED recommended)
  • heater
  • protein skimmer (Tunze9002)
  • 600L/h pump.

Check the instructions for more details and recommendations.


Q: My local fish shop does not supply the AI Nano reef light. Where can I get it from?

A:The AI Nano  will work on any voltage in the world. Simply swap the power cable to suit your country.  The AI Nano uses a regular computer cable called an ‘IEC plug’, available from most computer stores –so it is easy to get the correct cable for your country. The simplest method is to find an online supplier, such as those listed below.

Aquarium Specialty (recommended):

You can purchase the light fitting online from Aquarium Specialty who are premium reseller for aqua illumination: http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/aqua-illumination-nano-sol

Note: The shipping calculator is always wrong on this site for some reason!  If you place an order simply email them to adjust it. For example shipping to Australia comes up as $336, it is actually around $60. Just email them after you place the order and they will adjust the price for you. 

Reef Geek

You can also purchase online from Reef Geek. These guys stock a whole range of international power cords to for the AI Nano.  (You can also pick up a 120v Tunzie 9002 skimmer.)Email them as they process international orders by hand– though they can be a bit slow in responding to emails.


Other retailers

Use this link to find them: http://www.aquaillumination.com/wheretobuy.html?


Q: Do I need the controller for the AI Nano LED?

A: The controller is not required for the AI Nano LED.

You can adjust the intensity and light colour from the touch controls on the front. Simply use a timer to turn it on and off each day.

More advanced features – such as the ability to program sunrise/sunset times and vary the intensity of the light throughout the day– can make a nice extra but are not essential.  


Q: My Local fish shop does not supply the Tunze 9002. Where can I get it from?

A:Two versions of the Tunze 9002 exist for different voltages:  120V or 240V.

120 V:For customers who use 120V Untied States Stylemains plug, refer to the following websites:

Aquarium Specialty:http://www.aquariumspecialty.com/tunze-nano-doc-skimmer-9002

Reef Geek: http://www.reefgeek.com/nano-doc-skimmer-9002.html

Media Baskets:  http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Tunze-9002-Protein-Skimmer-9002000.htm

240 V: For countries running on 240V refer to:

Aquatic Store (UK Style Mains Plug): http://aquatic-store.co.uk/marine/view/2035

Or find a distributor in your country with your particular mains plug: http://www.tunze.com/106.html?&L=1&C=US

Australian customers can purchase from: http://www.aquariumemporium.com.au/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=49&product_id=248