Refugium in a Marine-Pac

by Neill Wainwright October 07, 2013

One popular method of removing nitrates and phosphates from the water in reef tanks is whats known as a refugium.

A refugium typically has a bright lighting and some strain of macro algae that feeds from the dissolved waste in the water.

The original lighting that came with your Fluval Edge can be adapted to make a great refugium light 

With a hacksaw blade carefully remove the two arms taking care not to damage the wire. 



Pop the light underneath your marine-pac and add some macro algae (Cheato is a great choice)  

Every couple of months simply prune away some of the macro algae.

For my Australian customers: I will be happy to include some fast growing Cheato free of charge with your order. 

Just mention you would like some in the notes section of the checkout. 

Unfortunately due to customs restrictions I am not able to do this for international customers, sorry.

Neill Wainwright
Neill Wainwright


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