Essentials for the Marine Fluval Edge

by Neill Wainwright August 01, 2012

Today I would like to share a little list of some accessories and tips that make caring for the marine Fluval Edge™ much simpler.

Aqua Stick and Cynery Gel

  • Aqua Stick is an epoxy putty designed to join live rock and corals together. 
  • Cynery Gel works well for fixing your corals to live rock. 
  • Both are non-toxic to your tank and its inhabitants. 
  • Both cure under water and aqua stick dries a light grey colour that blends in well with live rock. 

The Fluval Edge™is a relatively compact tank,so you want to avoid knocking over your live rock structures and disturbing your corals and inhabitants by moving them around continuously. The goal is to create a solid robust structure for everything to grow on, with good water circulation on all sides.

A few larger pieces of live rock provide a much more impressive and stable base for your corals and provide less nooks and crannies for waste to accumulate. To get some of the larger pieces of live rock into the tank, crack them (with a hammer) and once in the tank use aqua stick and glue to get them back together. One of the key factors to the success of my tank is that everything in the tank is completely fixed down. Nothing becomes disturbed or knocked over, giving everything the best shot at becoming established.

Clear adhesive stoppers
Handy tip: You will get a little splash of water down the back of the glass of your Fluval Edge™ and the plastic casing. Because the two are pushed together this never goes away and looks awful. If you put two of these clear adhesive stoppers between the neck of the tank and the glass this will help create a gap so any spills can trickle down the back without making a mess of the glass.

Nimble Nano
The Nimble Nano is a fantastic tiny magnetic cleaner designed for nano tanks. Very powerful and the smallest cleaner I've used. Highly recommended for the marine Fluval Edge™

Aqua One Scraper

Used once a month to keep the area behind the plastic clean. This area can’t be cleaned using the Nimble Nano.



Neill Wainwright
Neill Wainwright


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