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by Neill Wainwright March 29, 2015

Lots on at the moment!

We moved into a new office and are busy getting setup, we have lots more room now.
Checkout out open library (top right hand corner) this is open information on nano reef keeping.


The Marine-Pac 3 is getting an update to its lights.

  • The latest full spectrum Nanobox LED array  (warm white, neutral white, lime, royal blue, blue, cyan and violet)
  • Our own two channel custom made LED driver
  • Automatic RPM control of the fan
  • New anodizing + clear coat finish (Mil Spec 8625 F - Type II finish) 
  • Super sexy new silicon cable (this exact cable is used on NASA satellites) 
  • Bluefish LED controller support (3.5 mm connector) plug and play!
  • Single power supply for cooling fan and lights 

If you already own a Marine-Pac 3 this will also available as an upgrade

The latest batch or Marine-Pac3 with the new light upgrade are ready to be posted out. To everyone who has ordered one, please check your email and complete payment and your unit will be posted out.

Behind the scenes construction photos of the new light




Neill Wainwright
Neill Wainwright


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