by Neill Wainwright November 09, 2014

New Product 

You may have noticed we have just picked up another hard to get product, Söchting Oxydators! Saltwater-Conversion was given US and Australian rights in October. At the moment we are fully stocked up in Australia and getting setup with stock in our US warehouse over the next month or two. In the meantime feel free to order anyway, please be aware though it will take longer to arrive than usual since its coming from Australia.

Upcoming Product Release 

We have an exciting new product on the way in late December. It is currently with a few beta testers at the moment. This is an entirely new product for us and we are looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

Marine-Pac 3 Update 

The next batch of Marine-Pac 3 is on its way. Pre-orders will start going out in a couple of weeks and it will be back in stock again mid December. 

For a limited time when you order the 110v North American Power Plug version of the Marine-Pac 3 you will receive a free Eheim Compact 600 pump.

When you order other versions of the Marine-Pac 3 you will receive free filter media  (PhosGuard™ and Purigen®)

The much anticipated reefugium light kit is almost ready and will be available to buy soon. If you would like to get one send us an email and we can let you know as soon as its ready to go. 


We will start stocking MAME branded balsa air stones shortly. 


This is a concept render for a minimalist nano light for use on rimless tanks. Would you like to see this become a real product? What is missing from the other big brands that we could do better? We would love to hear your ideas and opinion!  

Kind Regards - Neill

Neill Wainwright
Neill Wainwright


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