Exploring Sydney

by Neill Wainwright April 02, 2015

A few photos from a great diving trip the other day. 
This is a giant cuttlefish (S. apama) 
These guys can grow to over  1.6f or 1/2m long and weigh up to 10kg or 23lb 

Weedy Sea Dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus)

This species is related to the seahorses. Unlike seahorses however, the seadragons do not have a pouch for rearing the young. Instead, male seadragons carry the eggs fixed to the underside of the tail. 

This a Wobbegong shark (pretending to be a rock at the bottom of the photo!)
The name is believed to come from an Australian Aboriginal language, meaning "shaggy beard", referring to the growths around the mouth of the shark.

Neill Wainwright
Neill Wainwright


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